They’re just Normal

I get home from a visit lugging in my bags and the baby. I go to get the bottle from the diaper bag and find a golden envelope. I turn it around curiously and see “Thank you” written in pretty writing. I’m so excited hoping its a picture of little 4 lb newborn baby J or a note written by her mother. I bend the metal clasps, lift up the seal and see money. I open the envelope as wide as it goes to check for a note but there is none.

I am the other woman raising her child. I am the one getting to watch the milestones and wake up to smiles but she chose to give some of her money to me. She didn’t hand this to me in person probably avoiding a refusal. I sat on my couch holding hundred dollar bills in disbelief. They’re just normal people.

Its a thought that constantly goes back and forth in my mind from how could they ever do this to their child to they’re just normal people who made bad choices. She wanted to support her child. She thanked me when she could have so many reasons to hate me, she doesn’t. She appreciates me raising her daughter.

I was not even sure how to go about handling the situation. I wanted her to know her gesture was sincerely appreciated. The caseworker addressed that due to ethics money is not aloud to be given. However she may purchase things she needs such as clothing or diapers. So I will be handing this back. Exactly what she may have tried to prevent. This time the envelope will have a note in it, from me. I want to thank her for her thought.

As much as I love my little one, I hope her mother can work through her hard times and be able and willing to raise her kids in a safe and stable home.



It has been a little over a week since baby man was placed with his Grandma. I don’t even like to open up my picture gallery on my phone as it is completely full with his sweet face. A new question I noticed our foster care specialist asked is “are you taking pictures often?” YES! I wonder if it has been a issue of foster parents not? I joke around and say his ratio to pictures to the days of life is way off! I just watched a comedian talk about how the baby boomers only have one, black and white, thumbnail size picture of them as a kid. That made me lol. Us ‘millennials’ take a picture each hour of the day with so many devices to store and print them. Anyways, I’m getting way off topic here 🙂

We finally got ourselves a nice long vacation booked later this month! I’ve been picking up hours at work because there’s only so much cleaning you can do to your house, although it never gets clean enough it seems. We haven’t been asked for any placements or respites. Its kind of weird. We were asked about a respite case before our license even arrived in the mail! Then a sibling group and a baby over lapping each other. It’s been quite around here this past week. I figured as soon as I booked something we would get a call. But I think were going to finish out the end of this year focusing on us again.

We were denied a vacation earlier this year by the birth parents. Yes, they have the ability to decide if their kids can go or not. However, our FCS said if given enough time they could present to the judge it would be in the best interest of the kids to remain with the family for vacation. We we’re not comfortable with respite care. I didn’t want to confuse or upset the girls more, and I would spend my whole vacation worried about them.

So were going to take this quite time and really enjoy ourselves. It is annoying as a young adult when people tell you “wait before you have kids. Enjoy life!” I’m thinking I enjoy kids, they will be my life! That is very true, I do love having kids around but some things you have to take a short cut on with kids. Your food gets cold so theirs wont be, you may leave a store sooner because of crying etc. So I’m going to take my last few moments before the next adventure to slow down, read signs, take pictures and fall in love with my husband more.