Making Puree Baby Food

If you’ve considered making baby food at home there are a lot of advantages. Its easy and actually can be fun. You can choose more of a variety, hand pick your organic fruit or vegetable and its fresh, oh so yummy and even cheaper!

This batch I made here was green beans, sweet potato, peaches and pears. Not only am I able to pick out my baby’s food but I can buy organic fruits and veggies and save!

First, lets start with green beans!


Rinse them well, chop the sides off and toss them in a steam basket. Next place the basket into a large pot that has been heated up on medium. It takes about 10 minuets to get soft enough to puree. Pull the basket out safely and allow them to cool a little to prevent cracking in your blender. Put the beans in the blender and add the remaining water in the pot that has lots of the nutrients left in it. Pour as much as needed to reach your desired consistency.


With this amount of green beans I was able to make 3 baby jars full at only .64 cents. You can make larger batches but this is her first time and I didn’t make a ton. If you were to buy store bought baby food 2 4oz tubs would cost around $2.

Next sweet potato. Wash well and peel. Cut into cubes, toss into basket just like the green beans with new water. I went and watched my show as these cooked as they take a bit longer. Let them cool a bit and put into the blender with remaining water. Sweet potatoes blend up so nice and smooth! Take a spoon and fill each hole of a ice cube tray.



Sweet potatoes also give you a lot for the price!! So here you can see I paid 0.84 cents and this one potato made 15 servings! Again 2 4 oz tubs of store bought food is about $2.

Then, cover the ice cube tray with tin foil. Some ice trays have covers (which I need to find.) Let them freeze overnight or about 12 hours.


Pop them out onto a paper towel and put in your labeled freezer bag. I was concerned they would stick together but surprisingly they do not. Just make the bag air tight to prevent freezer burn. Also, I have put two different foods together without any issue. I just make sure they’re different colors so I can tell which is which.

When its time to eat, grab a cube. I place it in a little glass petri dish and place in the microwave for 10 seconds. If its fruit, like peaches or pears I may just place it in the fridge that morning and it will be ready!

Have fun and break out the napkins!




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