Our First Placements

On a cold February morning I went off to work as a home care nurse. We had received a voicemail from our Foster Care Specialist saying they may have a placement for us. I am so bad under pressure and make my husband return all the important calls :). I asked if he could call her back to get some more information on them while I headed off to work. He returned her call and found out they had taken in two little girls the night before. One was 18 months and the other is a 5 years old. Their mother overdosed on what they believed was heroin  in front of them  in a hotel room. I balled my eyes out as my husband relayed the message to me. I didn’t know really much more than that and my heart melted for them. We had to! How could we not? They were placed in a temporary foster home through the night they were taken into custody. I was so excited and nervous at the same time. I didn’t really have a plan for my work schedule yet, but it didn’t matter I was going to figure something out, they needed us. We were told the girls would be coming to us around 6pm sometime. About 3pm I get a call from a case worker saying there has been grandparents found who are willing to keep the girls. This is how quick things can change. I was told they had to do a safety audit of the grandparents home to make sure it is safe first. My mom had already went and bought them things :). Children Services is much more lenient with the biological family in order for them to stay in the family while substitute care is needed. For example, they may allow the child to sleep on a futon. As for foster parents, we are held to higher standards. We must have appropriate beds/cribs, dresser etc. So for a hour or so, we were in limbo. Now I was off work and my husband was at work. The case worker called back and notified us the home inspection did not pass and the girls were to be soon on their way! The foster mom from the home they stayed the night at was nice enough to call and tell me what she had learned about them. Their shoes were in horrible condition and did not fit. Their hair still wreaked of smoke even though the previous foster mom let shampoo soak in their hair for a while in the bath. She text me pictures of the girls before they came and they were gorgeous! I pulled my toys out to the living room and anxiously waited for them. Finally they were here, the case worker brought them inside and introduced me. They were shy but went straight for the toys. As they played I signed some paperwork with the case worker and that was it. They were now in my care.


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