Safe Haven

I’ve been considering doing a blog for a while now. Mainly as a place to get my thoughts down in writing. A lot goes through this head lately. Its kept me up many of nights. I cant turn it off. Maybe if I write I can get some things off my chest. This past year, 2016, has been crazy to say it simply. My husband and I have reached 5 years married this past September. Not really sure how time has gone that quickly! Last year we talked about the idea of fostering children. We love kids, we have a big empty house and there is a need. Why not, right? So we went through the rigorous course of becoming licensed to foster. I intend to write about our experience and future journeys on this roller coaster of emotions and daily life of foster care. This February we received a call very early in the morning and we said yes to take in two little sisters. The journey began! We’ve learned a lot and still have a lot to learn, but I do believe were doing the right thing. As painful as a lot of moments are, its made my heart full. We are approved also to adopt and hope that we can complete our family with the ones who need love the most.


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